What is a Lion?

Lions are men and women who have decided to give something back to their communities, who are dedicated to finding people in need, and who meet those needs in an efficient but caring way. We believe that by working with other dedicated Lions, we will accomplish more for our community than would be possible alone. By conducting service projects and raising funds, Lions strive to help those in need, wherever need exists. The Lion’s motto is “We Serve”.

Lions are serious about their commitment to humanitarian service, but don’t mind having a little fun along the way.

The association was founded in Chicago in 1917. Although the youngest major service organization, Lions Clubs International has grown to be the world’s largest. Its 1.4 million members belong to clubs in over 180 countries and geographical locations.

Why Join the Lions Club?

1) Regardless of your relative success, you feel that you were helped by others, and now it is time to give back to the community.

2) You can do more working in concert with others than you could do on your own.

3) You wish to have fun while helping your community.

4) You want to participate in community service projects which require your time and expertise instead of a heavy financial commitment.

5) You want to have the opportunity to expand your contacts beyond an individual club, as your time allows.

6) You wish to increase your leadership, public speaking, and organizational skills in a non-threatening environment.

7) You want the opportunity to socialize with energetic people who have a positive outlook on life and believe they can make the world a better place.

This is an ideal opportunity for those who wish to give of their time and
expertise instead of their pocketbook.